The Turning Point

When I was asked to be a keynote speaker at the US Martial Arts Convention in Washington DC, the subject was The Turning Point. Here’s the highlights from this presentation:

For me and all of us, we have negative events in our lives: Tragedies, setbacks, obstacles…for us in Louisiana, our most well-known are Katrina and the following economic slump, and the oil spill. After events like these, griping, complaining, grumbling, and fault finding become everyone’s pastime.

But my question for you is: Are you a thermostat or a thermometer?

Are you a thermostat? Do you set the temperature in your life? For example, your attitude, your values, your beliefs, or your standards of excellence?

Or are you a thermometer? Do you reflect your environment and the thoughts and actions of those around you?

I hope its #1!

You decide for your family, your kids, your entire life. You ultimately decide what you think and say and do, because what goes on in your mind is exactly the results that you’ll get, and what you ALLOW to come out of your mouth will greatly determines your outcome.
For me, I had to stop making excuses, and stop accepting excuses made for me. I had to flood myself with positive messages, people, actions, habits and routines. I realized as YOU MUST, The Turning Point has always been as it always will be — the Turning Point had to happen inside of me. Nothing will get better until we do; make the decision today. Your mind, your thoughts, and your words will create your future. The battle to be won is within you- not outside of you

You’re the answer your looking for, and it all starts and ends with you and your choices. Henry Ford said, “Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re always right”

So begin anew today!  Build the life of your dreams with no excuses or apologies! Your country, your community, and your family need you at your best more now than ever!

It’s your choice- I suspect you know it. It’s your choice- it always has been. Choose to be your best! Dream, build , create, encourage, grow! You can and must do it, so begin right now. Live the life of your dreams, and be sure to pray and include God in your plans!


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