Mike’s Story

Mike Storms is an author, speaker, and consultant who helps individuals and families StormProof™ their life. He empowers people, young and old, to overcome personal challenges and develop the skills needed to overcome the storms of life. As a 7th degree Black Belt karate master, Mike has over 30 years’ experience teaching respect, discipline, and confidence to more than 7,500 children, teens, and adults. His personal development instruction will help you:

  • Raise respectful kids who make you proud.
  • Teach your children to choose better friends and reduce negative peer influence.
  • Increase your child’s eagerness to do chores with a great attitude.
  • Remain calm when dealing with conflict in personal and business relationships.
  • Master your money rather than letting money master you.
  • Boost your effectiveness on the job and take your career to the next level.

Mike is the author of two books, including Parenting 101 – A Practical Hands-on Guide to Raising Remarkable Kids, and Safer Smarter Kids – A Parent’s Guide to Raising Street Smart Drug Free Kids, along with two DVD series, How to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy and How to Turn Whiners into Winners. In 2011, Mike presented an online summit featuring over 20 parenting and child-development experts. In addition, he works with over 500 parents each week to instill storm-proofing principles into their children and families. His programs have garnered over 3,000 testimonials from appreciative mothers and fathers.

Mike is no stranger to storms. After growing up in a broken-home, he rose above the challenges to serve in the U.S. Marines. Those grueling years led to an interest in the martial arts and the desire to help others succeed in life. Mike founded a highly successful karate school outside of New Orleans, where his dedicated training and community service helped people weather the devastating effects of major storms, including Hurricane Katrina. His expertise in the martial arts has also made Mike a sought-after consultant with pro football players, NFL teams, and top college programs across the country.

Mike and his wife, Glori, have four children and reside in Mandeville, Louisiana. For more information, visit:


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