Parenting 101

Does raising your children feel like you’re riding out a storm?

Do you want cheerful, disciplined, well-mannered kids?

When you order from us this Christmas, you get some very special bonuses!

  1.  Free Email containing download link to Kids’ accompanying devotional
  2.  Free 45 Minute Parenting Teleconference with Mike to kick off 2013!
  3.  30 day email access to Mike for Parenting, Coaching, and help with those challenges that just seem to get you stuck (and re-stuck), with real and proven solutions!
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  5. 7 parenting tips to end 2013 on a high note and make 2013 your best-most peaceful and confident parenting year ever!
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Parenting 101 by Mike Storms is a practical, no-nonsense guide to becoming the rock-solid, loving parent your child needs. Mike combines over 20 years of wisdom raising four children with his experience training over 6,000 kids at his award-winning karate school. Over 3,000 parents have publicly endorsed Mike’s parenting principles. Parenting 101 will help you lead your children as an influential mom or dad who is able to:

  • Raise respectful and well-mannered kids that make you proud.
  • Increase your child’s eagerness to do chores.
  • Teach your kids how to choose better friends.
  • Train your children to listen and obey the first time.
  • Restore peace and end arguing with your child, for good!

Parenting 101 is available as a print book, e-book, and an additional workbook that walks you step-by-step through specific parenting strategies and exercises. You will discover how your kids are shaped, how to inspire their character development, and how to influence their spiritual growth with God. You will also learn how to harness the power of words and effectively praise your children to reinforce good behavior.

Let Mike Storms help you raise children who can weather the storms of life. Click here to purchase your copy of Parenting 101.

Read these stories from pleased parents who incorporated Mike Storm’s Parenting 101 principles into their family:

“We are so proud of our boys, Cole and Caleb, who have excelled academically as well as socially this year. We attribute that to consistent reinforcement of our family values from Mike Storms! We are looking forward to the bright future that lays ahead for them as they become strong, well-rounded, young men.”

Lynn and Scott D.

“I have observed a significant improvement in my son with his willingness to help out at home. He does chores and tasks with a good attitude, and his manners are excellent! I love it! He’s also working on organizing his homework and making good choices at school.”

Linda H.

“My daughter, Emilie, is an exuberant, energetic, and enjoyable person who empathetically looks for the positive in others while providing encouragement. As a teacher, I can see the strong, positive influence Mike Storms has had on her pursuit of excellence. As a mother, I am proud and thankful.”

Leslie P.

“It has been a pleasure to watch how my son, Connor, continues to improve. At home, his manners have improved dramatically. It is now a regular occurrence to hear him say words such as ‘Yes, please’ and ‘No, thank you.’ Additionally, Connor is more cooperative at home, and he agreeably cleans his room and sets the dinner table when asked. Needless to say, we are very pleased as parents.”

Eric H.

Let Mike Storms help you raise children who can weather the storms of life. Click here to purchase your copy of Parenting 101.

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