Healthy Media Menu Options

Toddler to Preteen

Cedarmont Kids Music (CDs & DVDs)

Cherub Wings – Sunny-Side-Up Entertainment (DVD series)

Gigi (DVD series and books)

Hermie & Friends by Max Lucado (DVD series & books)

Kid’s Ten Commandments – TLC Entertainment (DVD series)

Miss Patty Cake – Integrity Music (DVD series)

The Donut Man (DVD series)

Veggie Tales (DVD series & books)

What’s in the Bible? (DVD series)

Preteen to Young Adult

The Chronicles of Narnia (book series)

A Life of Faith Collection (books for girls)

Anne of Avonlea (books series for girls)

Left Behind Kids (book series)

Adventures in Odyssey (audio theater)

Answers in Genesis (creation DVDs, books, magazines)

Feature Films for Families (various movies)

Sherwood Pictures (various movies)

The Case for Christ, Fait, Creator by Lee Strobel (book series)

Secular Options for Consideration

Little House on the Prairie (DVD series & books)

The Waltons (DVD series) (teen)

Andy Griffith (DVD series) (teen)

Andrew Clements Books (preteen)

Popular Mechanics for Kids (DVD series)

The American Girl (DVD series)

You can check out many of these resources and others like them at your church library or public library. Other options include borrowing some from a friend or purchasing them for your own lending library. A great place to check for value pricing and selection is Christian Book Distributors (www.cbd.com)

Media Preview Websites for Parents

http://www.movieguide.org/ – Movie Guide, The Family Guide to Movies and Entertainment

http://www.commonsensemedia.org/reviews – Common Sense Media Review (by age)

http://www.pluggedin.com/ – Focus on the Family, Shining a Light on the World of Popular Entertainment

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