Mike Storms is a frequent speaker at workshops, seminars, and conferences. His energetic, informative presentations help audiences storm-proof their lives. To request Mike for your next event, call 985-789-8807 or email: Mike@Stormproofyourlife.com

StormProof Parenting topics:

Storm-Proof Your Child Against Predators

Tragic stories of child abuse and molestation frequent today’s national headlines. What can parents do to protect their children from dangerous situations? As a 7th degree black belt karate master, Mike Storms has trained over 6,000 kids in discipline and self-defense. However, Mike stresses the importance of mental self-defense and protection that starts with parents educating their children. He teaches how to raise “Safer Smarter Kids” by having three critical parenting discussions:

  • Teach your children how to tell the difference between a good touch and a bad touch.
  • Empower your kids how to say no to adults – it’s their body.
  • Explain who to go to for help if something happens or you suspect a problem.

How to Turn Whiners into Winners

Whining, complaining, and arguing occur in every family, but it shouldn’t be the norm. What’s a parent to do when whining feels like a storm blowing through the house? Mike Storms reveals the secrets to raising great kids with an easy no-shouting approach that works. His strategies have helped thousands of parents turn whiners into winners. Mike will help you:

  • Raise respectful and well-mannered kids that make you proud.
  • Train your children to listen and obey the first time.
  • Restore peace and end arguing with your child, for good!

Are Your Kids Taking You Hostage?

Every child learns how to push emotional buttons that aggravate their parents. As a result, some parents can feel like their kids are dictating the direction and climate of the home. Walking the balance between love and discipline can be a fine line. Mike Storms has worked with over 6,000 kids of all ages. In this presentation, he shares the secret to helping parents maintain respect and cooperation in the family. Mike’s insights will help you:

  • Remain calm when dealing with rebellion and disobedience.
  • Develop self-control in your child when he or she feels disappointed, sad, or angry.
  • Improve compliance with a strong-willed or stubborn child.
  • End battles over homework and important school assignments.

How to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy

Childhood obesity in America is reaching epidemic proportions. Yet, most kids are still drawn to junk food and unhealthy eating patterns. Mike Storms understands the difficult battle that parents face to help their kids eat healthy and get sufficient exercise. In this presentation, Mike shares proven ways to help your family eat better, avoid obesity, and live a lifestyle designed to weather any future. Parents who apply Mike’s principles with their children report the following benefits:

  • Stronger defense against disease.
  • Higher energy level.
  • Increased ability to concentrate.
  • Better quality of sleep.
  • Lose unnecessary weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

StormProof Business topics:

How to StormProof Your Business

The discipline of learning karate and the discipline of running a profitable business have more in common than most entrepreneurs realize. Mike Storms has achieved success in both areas as a 7th black belt karate master and owner of one of the top karate schools in America. In this information-packed seminar, Mike shares how to:

  • Improve results from your advertising and promotional efforts
  • Command higher prices than your competition
  • Retain more customers and prevent churn that erodes profits
  • Generate positive media exposure
  • Blow the lid off your business income
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