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Parenting 101 Book and Workbook

Parenting 101

by Mike Storms is a practical hands-on guide to raising remarkable kids. Mike combines over 20 years of wisdom raising four children with his experience training over 6,000 kids at his award-winning karate school. Over 3,000 parents have publicly endorsed Mike’s parenting principles. Parenting 101 will help you lead your children as an influential mom or dad who is able to:

  • Raise respectful and well-mannered kids that make you proud.
  • Increase your child’s eagerness to do chores.
  • Teach your kids how to choose better friends.
  • Train your children to listen and obey the first time.
  • Restore peace and end arguing with your child, for good!

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When you order from us this Christmas, you get these 6 great bonuses!

  •  Free Email containing download link to Kids’ accompanying devotional
  •  Free 45 Minute Parenting Teleconference with Mike to kick off 2013!
  •  30 day email access to Mike for Parenting, Coaching, and help with those challenges that just seem to get you stuck (and re-stuck), with real and proven solutions!
  •  All books and workbooks ordered will be signed by Mike!
  • 7 parenting tips to end 2013 on a high note and make 2013 your best-most peaceful and confident parenting year ever!
  •  Free Surprise Bonus!

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Parenting 101 Workbook:

An accompanying workbook is also available for in-depth study: $16.95 plus S&H

Order direct from Mike Storms

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DVD Videos:

How to Turn Whiners into Winners 4-DVD Set
$79 (plus S&H)

How to Turn Whiners into Winners

Whining, complaining, and arguing occur in every family, but it shouldn’t be the norm. What’s a parent to do when whining feels like a storm blowing through the house? Mike Storms reveals the secrets to raising great kids with an easy no-shouting approach that works. His strategies have helped thousands of parents turn whiners into winners. In these videos, Mike will help you:

  • Raise respectful and well-mannered kids that
    make you proud.
  • Train your children to listen and obey the first time.
  • Restore peace and end arguing with your child, for good!

How to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy 2-DVD Set
$39 (plus S&H)

How to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy

Childhood obesity in America is reaching epidemic proportions. Yet, most kids are still drawn to junk food and unhealthy eating patterns. Mike Storms understands the difficult battle that parents face to help their kids eat healthy and get sufficient exercise. In this presentation, Mike shares proven ways to help your family eat better, avoid obesity, and live a lifestyle designed to weather any future. Parents who apply Mike’s principles in this video report the following benefits with their children:

  • Stronger defense against illness and disease.
  • Higher energy level.
  • Increased ability to concentrate.
  • Better quality of sleep.
  • Lose unnecessary weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Safer, Smarter Kids 2-DVD Set
$39 (plus S&H)

Do you know how to help protect your child from bullies…drugs…child predators? These are the fears that keep parents awake at night. Let Mike Storms show you and your family how to weather these storms. His “Safer Smarter Kids” instruction has given thousands of parents the information and strategies they need to guard their kids from dangerous situations. Mike’s teaching will help you:

  • Raise a drug-free child
  • Teach your kids “street smarts” to make wise decisions
  • Understand how to apply simple self-defense techniques

Black Belt Marketing Complete Kit
$679 (plus S&H)

Mike Storms brings his wisdom and expertise as a 7th degree black belt karate master to your business. Learn how to apply creativity, discipline, and insights grow your company. Mike’s kit includes 6 teaching CDs and his guide of 103 success strategies. This instruction is perfect for a variety of small business owners, such as doctors, dentists, lawyers, tutors, karate schools, athletic gyms, etc. Mike’s unique teaching will help you:

  • Capture twice as many customers
  • Attract long-term clients
  • Increase market share in your region
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